The Mission


To provide quality application, kernel and system level software engineering design,  implementation and integration services for internet communication and network security applications, NDIS, Windows, Web applications, Middle-ware, N-tier, Protocols, Security, technology integration, and Android apps. Any technology is fair game.  The roller coaster proposition of going from contract to contract is not always ideal, so I can entertain full time telecommute employment if it makes sense for everyone. Or a "permanent" position in the local area.



the Majik Bocks Institute is Jeff Bonsteel; guru level windows internals and network driver level software engineer with 30+ years experience.Specializing in solving difficult technical integration problems and protocol and interface reverse engineering. Years spent single stepping through assembly language code.  Code performance optimization specialist. Under-the-hood .NET environment analysis tools development. Android Apps Too.
Developing custom software independently for 14 years. Clients include McAfee (firewall drivers) and Rainbow Technologies (network server CSP encryption integration). Windows 7 – Low level Firewall / Network Management Windows Filtering Platform( WFP ) recent projects.



Clients benefit from an architectural understanding that optimizes software components.  My background provides you with unique knowledge and skills that are needed by your organization.  I can provide an independent eye to solve difficult or unique software engineering challenges.

On-Time Delivery


Project managers receive progress reports as appropriate to keep  up to date on the latest developments.  In addition, I have the flexibility to adjust my workload to meet your  time constraints if necessary. 



You may  initiate research, prototype and complete projects or offload  to handle peak workloads without making long-term personnel commitments.  Consider me as a remote software engineering lab.



The confidentiality of your project is highly respected, and we can sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement if you desire. (I usually do mutual agreements, since I have some tools and technology that are proprietary.)
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Contact Information
Telephone:  937-291-9751
Address:  7626 Cloverbrook Park Drive, Dayton, OH 45459-5005

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